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Learning English Through Songs

Actualizado: 23 jul 2020

Learning a new language can happen in a variety of ways. Although reading a book and studying grammar helps improve language skills, classrooms have found that listening to songs and watching movies can also benefit a student's language skills. The best part of using music and entertainment to teach is that it makes learning fun!

Benefits of learning English through of Songs & Movies

Because pronunciation is one of the more difficult parts of learning a language, singing English songs with young students can help them better understand and improve their pronunciation skills early on.

The songs we show are focused around one topic, which helps students learn and improve their vocabulary skills on a certain subject. This method of learning also improves a student's memory as the songs and movies subconsciously replay in their head, merging what they heard and saw to being able to better speak and comprehend a new language.

Apart from the benefits of learning another language like English, singing and music in schools have major advantages. Research shows that musicians have larger neural activity than those who don’t study music. Also, playing an instrument and learning to read music forces your brain to think in a unique way that can raise your IQ.

Using Songs & Movies at Home to learn English

Listening to songs and watching movies can happen at any time and at any place. This learning opportunity is adaptable and provides students with the opportunity to learn even after they leave Akua. By combining a student’s interests in entertainment and their desire to learn a new language, they are able to hone in valuable skills they wouldn’t find anywhere else.

At home, we recommend watching movies and listening to music in English. Through repetition in class and at home, students are able to apply their English language skills in real life environments. Also, you can turn on English subtitles, which allows your child to see how the words form while they see and hear it on the screen.

Music and entertainment are a universal language, bringing everyone together. And to help students become more proficient in their English speaking, reading and writing, we emphasize that although these skills are taught in the classroom, they are also reaffirmed in their home environment.

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