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Montessori School in Barcelona

Actualizado: 18 mar 2021

Akua school is a trilingual international school in Barcelona. We follow the Montessori method, focused on child directed education. Our teachers are there to guide students throughout the learning process. We believe that by giving students the opportunity to take control of their own schooling, they are able to discover and pursue their own interests without adult interference. By diversifying our classrooms, we have students of all different ages interacting with one another in the hopes of allowing our students to work at their own pace, take part in hands-on activities and learn to work individually and in groups. This educational freedom is how our students holistically build their character from a young age.


The foundation of a Montessori School stems from each individual's educational pursuit. This allows students the opportunity to pave their own path, which helps guide them through life obstacles as they begin to develop and determine who they are and who they want to be. Montessori Schools provide the platform for students to achieve success by allocating a free and wholesome environment that allows them to make their own choices without any external influence. Each classroom is thoughtfully designed to nurture students so that they can better interact with the learning materials while simultaneously learning how to work together with other students in the classroom. Based on each student's interaction within their environment and their peers, teachers will make daily evaluations. These evaluations show each child's progress, which help teachers create individualized learning plans for each student. The Montessori School's curriculum is categorized into three-year phases. This time provides students with the opportunity to ensure that they have a full understanding of the lessons learned. Usually, students stay with the same class, allowing them to form strong connections with their peers and their teacher. As a whole, the Montessori School is a safe and supportive place where each student's individuality flourishes.



The original Montessori School was founded by Maria Montessori on January 6th, 1907 in Rome, Italy. The school was called Casa dei Bambini, meaning children's house. As the first women to receive a diploma as a physician, she defied all odds as she taught children who struggled with learning. Although the children had a hard time at first, Maria Montessori's ability to create an encouraging and cultivating environment is how the children became more knowledgeable. Maria Montessori also understood the importance of how your environment plays a role in your ability to learn. Through her observational research from her first Montessori School, she was able to create the famous methodology that has continued to be used in the Montessori School structure today. Now, there are over 22,000 Montessori schools around the world. The expansion of the Montessori Schools goes to show the success in its method.

Key points

The Montessori Method thrives on its ability to self-educate children though a learning environment that stimulates students minds through the exposure of class materials and experiences. Students are treated on a one-on-one basis, allowing them to individually instruct themselves. We provide an endless amount of materials within each student reach so that they can have the tools to create the best learning environment for themselves. Teachers are highly trained and serve as a positive role-model for the students as they guide them through their educational journey.


By helping students develop an array of skills that are vital both in school and in the real world, students have built a strong foundation for their life. More specifically, benefits include freedom of choice, independence, decision-making skills, inspired creativity, problem solving, innovation and respect. The Montessori School system concentrates on crucial development stages that effectively educate children through a hands-on educational experience. The highly individualized curriculum found at a Montessori School like Akua provides students with profound abilities that they would not receive elsewhere.


Here at Akua, we offer Primary Education, Secondary Education and High School. Our main objective is to guide students as they discover tools that will help them create a life of happiness and well-being. We understand that in order for learning to be meaningful there has to be a method behind the madness, which is why we focus on creating emotional awareness within our students. We also stand strongly with our core values: learning by doing, creativity and entrepreneurship, health and wellness, multiculturality and unity and love for life. These values represent who we are and what we stand for as a school. We value our students as we push them in achieving the best possible versions of themselves. Within our personalized and hands-on learning system, we have engrained the methodology of Maria Montessori, Reggio Emilia, Pestalozzi, trades and professions as well as multiple intelligences and emotional accompaniment at the transversal level. We also pride ourselves on being a family school, as we make sure to keep constant communication between the school and the family. With that being said, we welcome you in sharing our vision as we continue to offer the necessary resources to the new generations. We hope that children leave our school feeling like they have created their own life.

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