Pedagogy of Talent at Akua

Personalised education

Employing a structure based on the balanced development of mind (knowing),

hands (doing) and heart (being).


Pedagogical model

Akua combines various educational methodologies (Montessori, Reggio

Emilia ...), integrating a relationship of interdependence with nature and

promoting unity, respecting and accompanying the child's individual learning

processes and enhancing the development of the talents of each child.


Pedagogical practice

Using a deep understanding of each child, through love and observation,

applying the findings of neuroscience and providing continuous training for

the educators.


Where emotional accompaniment, multiple intelligences and languages ​​are

omnipresent elements in all areas of Akua learning.


With homely, safe learning environments that promote meaningful learning and

creative work through the use of a wide variety of specialised materials, real

experiences and social relationships. The school has a ratio of 8-10 children

per educator.


The curriculum integrates basic skills, life skills, self-management for learning, community participation and the assimilation of healthy habits.

Akua is a non-faith school.


We offer a multicultural education with a communicative and experiential approach, integrating the parallel teaching of English, Catalan and Spanish in all facets of the learning process.

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